So you’ve made the decision to enhance your home.

For some, this could mean an extension, a loft or apartment conversion. For others a whole new house.

For homeowners who need to change their living space but don’t want to leave their beloved family home, it means finding new ideas and trustworthy planning advice.

This one’s different, though.

This is YOUR dream home.

SRH Design Solutions in Harrogate has been in the business of realising homeowners’ dreams for many years.  We’re happy to share our secret:

The only way to ensure that your dream home becomes your living reality is through a close, one-to-one relationship with your architectural designer.

We focus on understanding you, your family’s needs and your vision.  Through every stage, from conception to final completion, we’ll be on hand to listen to you and advise.

To make your journey as smooth as possible, we offer the benefit of our solid, close relationships with the other people you’ll meet along the way:  the local developers and tradespeople, structural engineers, landscape architects, the local authorities and more.  Together, we have made many homeowners’ dreams come true.

Now, it’s your turn.

We’re here to give you a welcoming, efficient, smooth architectural and planning service.

Let’s make your dream home come true.

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