The “Briefing” stage is the part of the programme that happens early in our relationship.

This is where we get to know you and your dreams for your home.

It’s a very important stage. It needn’t be stressful, though. In fact, we’ll give you a free initial consultation and quote.

We’ll ask the right questions and probably some which you haven’t thought of yet, and together we’ll cover:

  • What you want to achieve, what you already have achieved, your worries and the strength of your plan. Any weaknesses and obstacles to achieving your dream will come to light.
  • What you must have, what you’d love to have and what you’d like to have as extras.
  • The size of your project, what’s achievable and what’s not.
  • Your budget.
  • How you’d like the new building to adapt to your needs in the future as your family grows up.
  • How to create or enhance the personality of your home so it’s uniquely, freshly yours in its style and the materials we use.

At the end of the Briefing stage, you’ll be able to see how the rooms relate to and flow into one another.

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