This is an exciting stage of your programme – a time for us to put our heads together and add the detail to what so far has been your dream.

Once we’ve established what’s feasible in the Briefing and Measuring stages, the Design stage allows us to concentrate on the ‘how’ we’re going to achieve the ‘what’.

This stage can take a while. Together, we’ll refine, develop, polish and thoroughly discuss the concept for your dream home and consult with the clever people who will be involved in creating it.

Although the whole process has a feeling of magic about it, there’s no magic wand involved. The design stage develops by degrees, with lots of meetings and revisiting the drawing board.

At the end of this stage, you’ll have images that reflect your design priorities and the evaluations we make together with the help of the consulting team.

Not only that, though: now, you’ll have a tangible image of the very essence of your home – its character and spirit.

It’s time to move your project forward in real terms.

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